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Hello, I am creating a small database for film crew to subscribe to and become alerted of jobs when they become available. The database is comprised of two tables: Table 1: People Directory, which includes which roles each person wants to be alerted ...
Hello, I am using Email by Zapier to inform my colleagues of when they have been invited to meetings. The email references the “time” field from Airtable, which is displayed as a friendly date format with a 24 hour clock segment. However, when Zapier...
I am setting up a conference planner and want the name of a meeting to be the Topic + Date. The formula I am using is: CONCATENATE(Topic," - ",{Start Time}) This works, however it formats the date as YYYY-MM-DD and puts alphabet characters in with th...
Hello! I have created a food management base for my film production company and I want to create a formula that will flag food products that are: -Expired -Expiring within 28 days The name of the field with the dates in is “Use by Date”. Thank you!
Hey! I’ve created a Purchase Order form for my employees to request purchases. Is there a way that I can set Airtable to automatically email them once the record of their request has been updated to Approved / Declined / Paid? Thank you!