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6 - Interface Innovator
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Setting the active table with cursor.setActiveTable is kicking me out of fullscreen mode despite the docs saying otherwise Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
Scratching my head over this one and suspect a bug. The inputConfig object in a script run from automations (assigned by input.config()) is not updating when I add/remove/update script input variables. It’s locked to old variables that I’ve since rem...
I’m looking to create an approval email that contains an html button that when clicked, updates an approval status field for the record that triggered the email. Basically a way for approvers to approve from an email. Is this possible with webhooks o...
I am looking for a way to convert a table (ideally, automatable on field update) in this format: Project IDImpacted Team(s)1011, 2, 310221031, 3 to this format: Project IDImpacted Team101110121013102210311033 so that I can filter on multi-select fi...
I’m having trouble calling an external API ( from an Airtable scripting app using remoteFetchAsync(). This is what I’ve tried: // Change this name to use a different table let table = base.getTable(" Projects"); // Prompt the user to pick ...