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It would be nice to have a ZIP Code field type so that when a zip code is entered, it would automatically fill in the city and state in a field next to the zip code field.
Is there a limit to the number of IF() formulas you can nest together?
Here is what I have: 4 columns labeld as follows. Total Units:Tier: (Single Select with options 1-5)OOM? (Checkbox)Total Pay: I need a formula to configure total units1.95 for tier 1 and OOM? not checked and total units2.70 for tier 1 and OOM? checke...
Here is what I want: I want a formula to multiply the Total Units by 1.95 if OOM? is not checked. And if OOM? is checked, I want Total Units to be multiplied by 2.70. Let me know if you need anymore info from me. Thanks in advance!!
I am looking for an hours worked field. I have two date/time fields. One is labeled “Time Punch In:” and the other is labeled “Time Punch Out:” in the next field that is labeled “Total Time:” I want it to put the hours worked into it. I can get it to...