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Hi,Occasionally someone makes a change to the table that breaks a formula or script someone else was using elsewhere. Currently Airtable doesn’t notify the other person of this (only displaying the little red triangle) and the changer might not reali...
Hi, I have an automation that triggers on record update. But it triggers whilst I’m still typing instead of once i finish and press enter. Is there a way i can tell it to wait until the user ahs finished entering the data (aka pressed enter) and then...
Hi, I have a few automations that do things like set default values for new records and one that randomly generates something. They work fine if I’m adding new records in manually but if I import a bulk CSV with 10,000 records then I get loads of ema...
Hi, I have some scripts that do data-validation over all the records in a view before moving them into a new view. Would it be possible to display a progress bar in the scripting app to indicate how long a process should take. Thanks in advance :sli...
Hi, Is there a way to ‘freeze’ a view so any newly created records don’t enter it. I’ve got to download a load of data from the table and run them through another software and then re-upload the results. I’m hoping i can just paste in the results but...
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