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For some reason I cannot select the text within my formulas, meaning I cannot choose which text to copy for pasting later. It is only within the formula editing that I cannot edit the text. I can select text everywhere else:Selected text on here:Can'...
What is the proposed idea/solution?In the Date field, would be nice to have more date formats, or the chance to write our own format, including day names, shortened months, invisible years/days, etc.How does is solve the user problems?Helpful for UX,...
Airtable, I noticed you've changed the colours. Whilst the update is nice, you seem to have included multiple shades of blue that are incredibly alike and cancel each other out.Rather than have three different blues, you could explore the vast range ...
Struggling with the Date time difference not showing the correct status. The problem is the failing to return “Due Soon” instead of “Due Tomorrow”. Today, the date is 24 August, but projects marked with a 26 August deadline are showing as “Due Tomorr...
I have a bunch of different strings of text and want to remove different phrases, but I’m unsure of the formula. Here is an example of what it may contain: 123.jpg 234.eps 546%20(1).eps I want to remove every instance of “.jpg”, “.eps”, “.ai” ...