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I'm setting up a project management system. Many, not all, of the tasks will have an assignee who completes the task and an approver who checks and approves the work. Is it best to set the task up as 1) one task with one 'assignee' field and one 'app...
I've created a list view in an interface and when I set the filter to "Viewers Records Only" it pulls up some of the records, but not all. Anyone else having that issue?
I have a table that contains products and their dimensions (H, W, D/L, etc.) which are displayed for the sales team in an Interface grid. They need to be able to copy the product line or parts of it to paste into another document. However, the interf...
I need to write a formula that uses a specific cell of data as a multiplier: IF({BoM Category}=“3.1-Infusion Ingredients”,({Formula %}*SPECIFIC CELL OF DATA),IF({BoM Category}=“4-Product Ingredients”,{Formula %},0)) Do I need to create an automation ...
Is it possible to sort records numerically in a roll up field?