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Hey everyone! I’ve spent hours dealing with this issue, and I think it’s time to come hat-in-hand to the community now. I’ve created a royalty system that pays out composers each month. I’m working on splits now among our composers, so each song in o...
I’m close, but no cigar. Hey guys – what am I doing wrong here? I’m trying to find a specific record, with a specific date. I’m able to find one side of the formula at a time, but when I try them together my code crashes. I know it’s some dumb syntax...
I want to do a filterbyformula search through the api in a date field. My field is an ISO date field in YYYY-MM-DD format. Basically, I want to do a “select” call to the DB, with a filterbyformula, but only looking for a record that equals “today”, j...
Hello! I’m trying to put together node js logic to find record ids for two concatenated fields as the key field. I’ve gotten through my issues of having commas in my search strings, but now I have compound issues with both commas and single quotes in...
If I’m creating a new record in a table and need to grab the internal airtable assigned value immediately after the create call to the API, how to I get that? Thanks in advance! Cindy