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Hi all! I am back looking for support with a formula to return a date based on a "created" date and a variable.So far I've been trying to get an IF statements with a DATETIME_FORMAT included to work, but I'm making no progress...My Goal: Create a col...
Hi All! I am trying to work with the DATETIME_DIFF formula but running into some issues. I am assuming the issues come from time/timezone complications, but not sure what the most elegant way around it is...My goal: I am trying to calculate the diffe...
Hello! I'm slowly learning how to use date formulas, but I have hit a wall in my ability to troubleshoot.I have two date formulas causing me trouble.1) My Rush Due Date is displaying #ERROR! when "Rush" checkbox is not checked.DATETIME_FORMAT(IF(Rush...
Hi All! I am still new to Airtable and writing formulas and (hopefully) this is an easy question.I am trying to write a formula that will display text that matches the "checked" state of 3 different checkboxes, and also will display "New" if none of ...
I have a lot to learn in terms of building formulas, and I'm found myself stuck and not sure what I'm missing.What I'm trying to accomplish:If the Completed column checkbox is ticked, display "Completed"If the checkbox is not ticked, display the time...