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Hello, I'm frustrated! For nearly two hours I've been looking at Airtable documents trying to achieve what I could do in five minutes with a spreadsheet using the filter or query functions. There are a few recent posts on the same subject but each ca...
Hello, I have one table and would like to sync the primary field with the primary field in a second table. I tried this by creating a synced table, but the only bases available are the example bases. I moved my table to the example bases workspace, b...
Hello! Can anyone advise on the IF formula to state if a date has passed a number of days? So if the date in “DATE” column is more than 60 days ago, then :white_check_mark: or :no_entry: . I’ve been looking through date and time functions in the F...
Hello, I’m trying to get a formula working to determine age in years with one decimal place. The date is in a column called “Created”, the formula I’ve got is: DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), Created,'years') & ' years' Can anyone help add the decimal place ...
Hello, can I use date DD-MMM-YY date format like I can with Jotform? Some services will only use the American date format, so I like to use MMM for the month letters, otherwise it’s very easy to mix up the day and month. Tomorrow for example is 10/9/...
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