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I have an automation where an email is triggered when a new record is added. However, the emails are generic and only says: "A new item has been created in the XXX job log"How can I get this email to say what the exact record title is? I have looked ...
I have been using this formula: IF({Completed}=1,DATETIME_FORMAT(NOW(),‘M/DD/YYYY h:mm’),0) to record a date when a “Completed” check box is ticked off in another column. This worked flawlessly up until recently. For some reason, all past dates are n...
Is there a way to see all of the emails I have sent via the “Send Record” function? Thank you.
I am sure this has been covered, but I cannot find a thread that helps me out. • I have multiple fields that could receive the status of “Approved” from a Single Select list. The fields are “Status 1”, “Status 2”, and “Status 3”. • I want to create a...
I have a Marketing team that submits job tickets via an AirTable Form to our Art Dept. Is it possible to trigger an email to the Submitter either when the Art Dept. checks their “Completed” checkbox, or when they upload an attachment into their “Fin...