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I’m trying to create a formula whereby : IF [date 1] is after [date 2] OR [date 3] is after [date 4] to tell me “Needs Review”, otherwise “Updated”. How do i do this? i’m not sure how to compare the date fields. Thanks!
Would be great if we could truncate the above or hide it - it takes up so much space in a view where I’d want my team / users to be navigating to views rather than making them. Thanks!
I’m trying to put together a formula IF statement to extract certain parts of a URL depending on what is found in a specific cell for that record. In plain language: IF {Published on/by} is “” pull 6 characters after “post=” in the {URL or...
I’m trying to have a field formula yield the later year found between two date fields (even if one of the fields is blank). I’m completely confused how to add a IS_BEFORE function into the IF(OR) statement… The fields I’m working with is: {Last Modif...
Hi! I’m trying to get a field to output one of 4 results based on what it finds contained in a single Formula Field (Date reformatted field to YYYY-MMMM, pulling from the MMMM portion). If {Year/Month} is “Jan” or “Feb” or “Dec” or “Nov” = “WINTER” I...