A form which auto-fills a field?

I am very new to air table, so I need some help please.

I am creating a booking system for boats. Table 1 has “bookings” records, and table 2 has “Boats” records. One of the fields in table 1 is linked to table 2 such that for each booking, the boat is displayed.

Now I want to make a form for each boat for agents to request a booking. Due to the large differences of each boat, a separate form for each should be made.

So what I want is:
A form to book each boat such that the ‘boat’ field is hidden (as it is already known). But I want this ‘boat’ field to automatically fill out the correct boat, based on which form was used.

Or so you have any other ideas on how I could accomplish my task?

Help would very much be appreciated, thank you!

@Jeroen_R Did you ever figure this out? This is what I needed help with today.

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