Ability to Sort & Filter in Mobile View


Is there a way my prospective clients can interact with the data from an Airtable view that is embedded on my website?..there does not appear to be a sort or filter function available when in mobile view…


I am also looking for an answer to this question.

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Is this what you are looking for, this is a screenshot of the mobile version on my iPad, but I don’t know if it’s the same for an embedded base. The Sort and Filter options are in the top, right corner of the screenshot:

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We don’t get the option on a phone…at least not with Android…can you try your phone?

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I just downloaded Airtable on my iPod Touch (similar to iPhone, except I am not able to to call on it) and I was able to to see it. I don’t have an android phone, though.

Now, the thing is, it’s not so easy to see right away, so maybe it’s something that’s easily over looked or maybe it’s not available, too.

Although, it did show up on my iPad and iTouch . Here’s the screenshot on my iPod Touch:

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Very interesting…no luck on the Samsung…thanks for the info


Hi Brandon_Sturgill

Perhaps this is something that Airtable can help with or at lest let them know. This might be an issue that should be addressed.

I would be curious how this works out, since there are a lot of people that use android phones.

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