Add new linked record when entering data in a form


One of my fields is a link to another table. I’d like end-users who are using the Form to add data to be able to create new records in the linked table but from the primary table data entry form.


Adding an option on a form when the field linked to another record

I’ve been using Cognito Forms as my front end form which then passes the data into AirTable via Zapier. I really like the power of cognito forms and the nice custom field layouts you can do with it. You can even have the form perform complex calculations and dump the result into AirTable if all you care about is the result. Zapier connects the two and allows you to specify what action you want to take when a new form entry is submitted; one of which is create new record.



thanks for the info. Sounds overly complex and I’d rather Airtable add this




Is it possible to use the repeatable section in Cognito form & zapier to populate a linked table? I have a request table and would like to populate a linked environment table. Each request could have multiple environments.





From what I remember, the repeatable section in Cognito exports via Zapier
in sort of a strange way. I believe it’s in a comma separated single field.
I think running a test would be the best way to find out if it’ll do what
you’re wanting.

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Thanks Aaron. Yeah testing doesn’t seem to give me much success, I’ve tried
including the column names, ;, and commas.

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I agree - this could be a real game changer.

Being able to search and pull records from tables on the forms is awesome. It just needs to be taken one step further and allow the ability to create a new record from that form submission (that fills that table since it did not exist)…

We have a workaround that is working well, but again this would benefit a lot of people I believe.





+1 for the possibility of adding records from the form view



I’ve run into this same problem several times, it would be great to have some kind of “Sub Form” option, or some way to add a record into one table, while in the middle of adding a record into another table. For example:

I have a table of clients, and a table of groups that the client is a part of. When adding a new client from the form view, I can select from existing groups to associate the client with, but not create a new group. I’m hoping my base will be adopted by my team, but this problem makes the process more time consuming, which means people will be less likely to use it. :worried:



Would be a game changer for my team!



I need this too. Without it I have to have a user add themselves to a “People” table in order that they can then “choose” themselves in the form. When they go on to choose themselves their search “shows” existing “people” records to form users so I compromise the privacy of those already in the database. I would love a way to have a blank field that BOTH adds the record to the linked table AND accepts it as an input without showing other records in the table.

Make sense?

What is your work around? I’d love to have one too :slight_smile:



I need this, too.

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Ditto. This would definitely be a helpful addition. No replies from Airtable Admin yet though…



+1 here! Would be helpful


  • 1 I need this too! Thank you :slight_smile:
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I need this feature as well, thanks

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I’ve just read this thread through and would like to share a blog post I wrote in November about using Cognito Forms and Zapier to populate multiple sub records (from repeating fields in Cognito) in a database (Airtable is used as an example):

I hope this is useful…



I also need this. Any feedback from the Airtable team?

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I need this too please!

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+1 it’s the one thing holding my back from using it for a large, collaborative data collection project.

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