Adding a duration to a datetime


I am trying to add a specific duration to a datetime format, then reformat the output to another datetime.

So for example:

Datetime Field 1 / duration field (h:mm) / Formula Output (datetime format)

I want to take datetime field 1 and add [duration field] to make a datetime format.

Any way to do this?

DATEADD({DateTime Field 1}, {Duration Field}, 'seconds')

The Duration field outputs its value as a number in “seconds” to any formula field. You can check this by making a “Duration” field, then making a “Formula” field that just returns the value of the “Duration” field.

If you Duration field had a value of 1:00 (ie, 1 hour), the Formula field would return a value of 3600, which is the number of seconds in an hour.


Ah that explains why when I put minutes it did not work.