Aggregating records tagged with a category


Hey everyone,

In my base I’ve got about 12 different tables. In each of those tables I have a “Brand” column that is “multiple select” and every table has the same 15 different “Brands” to select from. So every record in every table is tagged with one or multiple brands.

I want to create a table in that same base that aggregates all records from all tables and sorts them by “Brand”. I assume this could be done through some sort of linking method, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. Any suggestions out there?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, with the Brands as a Table you will get several benefits:

  • The list of brands will be consistent across you entire database
  • You will have Linked Records from every other Table in the Brands table.
  • You will be able to Filter brands based on that linked information

You just have to convert the MultiSelect field into a Linked Record field type.