AirTable and Mail Chimp - automatic sync of new entries?


I know there is Mail Chimp integration through Zapier - but my quesiton is - can it be set up in a way so that when I add an entry into my AirTable contact database, for example, and a certain keyword is met (like a company name, or a certain type of industry) - that that entry then gets automatically added to a particular mailing list in Mail Chimp?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Markus, yes this should be possible via Zapier – see the Step 4. Filters section of this page:


Hello Guys. Is it possible to update a contact from Airtable to Mailchimp by using Zapier? From what we see we can only create but not update/modify.

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Yes - the Mailchimp action in Zapier is to Add or Update a subscriber in Mailchimp and it gives you options about how it will update as well.



Thanks Julien I will check. I’ve just seen “add”.