Airtable and Safari no longer working?

Airtable used to work just fine in Safari for Mac, but starting about a week or so ago, Airtable doesn’t seem to work properly in Safari anymore.

When we expand an Airtable record in Safari, a big grey box appears over the bottom half of the record details. See screenshot below.

Airtable still works just fine in Chrome and Firefox. This problem happens on macOS 10.14.5 and Safari 12.1.1.

Has anybody else been encountering this problem, and if so, is there a way to workaround this issue? (In the meantime, we’re using Chrome.)

Are you using any extensions? I use an extension that can block JS trackers on pages, but they can be over-zealous sometimes and block JS that is powering the page. I had to whitelist Airtable’s domain in the extension to avoid issues.

I think Apple recently released updates to Safari to more aggressively block JS trackers as well, so perhaps that is causing issues?

Thanks, @Jeremy_Oglesby. I am not using any Safari extensions at all… just plain ol’ vanilla Safari. So it must have something to do with Apple’s recent Safari updates. Maybe there’s some setting I can change in Safari to fix this.