Airtable API - Query a range of records

Is there a way to query a range of records provided by the API? I’d love to be able to cache the first 500, then load subsequent records on demand. The current pagination flow makes this difficult since the offset seems to be unique to the time it’s called.

I’m looking for something similar to this
SELECT * FROM table limit 500, 600

Hi @Robert_Higdon - I haven’t tried this out, but perhaps adding a sort to your GET request will give it the consistency you are after:

Unless there are changes in the existing records, additions or deletions, seems safe to assume you’ll always get the records in the same order and record 101 tomorrow will be the same as record 101 today.

Thanks for the suggestion @JonathanBowen Unfortunately, I’ll definitely have additions in the mix here. Likely very few deletions, but even that is uncertain…
This seems like as close as I’m going to get. Marking this as solved.

Thanks again,


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