Airtable cells to Mural sticky notes

Hi, I’m trying to copy Airtable cells into the whiteboarding tool called Mural. I have a formula that removes line breaks in the text field it’s calling and I want to take those cells and copy them into Mural to generate sticky notes for each individual cell.

  • Now, if I copy a few cells at a time, it works fine, but this is tedious.
  • So if I copy all the cells, then Mural seems to combine some of the cells for some reason into one sticky note.
  • If I created a formula that aggregates all the cells into one in a different table (separated by a line break in the cell), when pasting it into Mural it adds quotation marks around the entire thing so Mural treats it as one giant sticky note.

Any ideas on how to mass copy and paste from Airtable cells into Mural?

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