Airtable project setup assistance required

Hi there,

I am new to Airtable (last week or so) and considering replacing the Google sheets I am currently using with it. While working through several tutorials, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use. I am, however, concerned about whether an elegant solution could be developed in Airtable.

I manage a small fleet of vehicles in 5 different operations at a gold mine down here in South Africa. We capture the following data daily for each vehicle:

  1. Date
  2. Shift (day or night)
  3. Status (e.g. worked, breakdown, accident, etc.)
  4. Operation (i.e. Mponeng, Savuka, 4 Shaft, Harties TSF 7, Margret)
  5. Opening and closing kilometres - formula to calculate kilometres travelled
  6. No of loads done that day
  7. No of tons moved that day
  8. A few other data interests.

Each vehicle’s information is captured separately in different tabs in Google Sheets.

Ideally, I want an app that will prompt the admin ladies when they access the system to complete the previous day’s data. I had a look at using forms, but generally, the grid format should work best. However, I don’t want them to have access to more than one day’s data on any given day.

Can anyone confirm whether I can create such a solution in Airtable? I am also happy to pay for consulting and will share our current spreadsheet solution with anyone willing to assist.

Thanks and take care,

Hi @Jacques_Hollands,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

I have a similar setup for my company to track daily what is happening with our equipment. However, my solution was to make a form that feeds the data into a table, so no one has access to the table except me. This table is linked to several other tables where I can (for example) check how many days a specific equipment has worked this month.

Would be glad to take a look at it for you. Feel free to contact me on


Hi Mo,

Thank you kindly for responding. Your solution sounds exactly what I am looking for. I will send you an email shortly with the spreadsheet we are currently using.


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