Announcing the Airtable Platform

And there it is. :slight_smile: I predicted the slow and eventual obsolescence of the glu-factories. It doesn’t eliminate every Zapier use case, but these event-based integrations will begin to put a dent in the externalization of innovative integrations.

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While most of the videos on my channel’s production plan are backlogged, I couldn’t resist doing a quick demo of the new table sync feature once it became available for my account.


Wow! These fantastic updates are coming fast & furious today! :smiley::clap::star2::sparkles::dizzy::raised_hands:


Great video, @Justin_Barrett! Thanks for creating that! :smiley::clap::+1:

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Thanks guys for the great update. My team and I were thinking about moving to Coda but after hearing this news, we plan to stick with Airtable. :smiley:


Great to hear that @Hendrik_Yap!

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I haven’t tested the Google Sheets “row creation” trigger yet, but does anyone know WHEN it triggers? Does it trigger as soon as one cell is typed into? Or does it wait until the user leaves the entire row?

I have it now - so thank you! Lastly, is there a way to push updates back to the other base from the receiving base via automation or scripting? I saw a screenshot of an example for this but not sure if it was native or a custom workflow?

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Does the synced table that is created in my base count towards the total number of records within that base?
I have a static data base that containes nearly 50,000 records and if I sync that table to another base it will push that base well over 50,000 records.

Really happy you’ve finally brought out syncing between bases! Airtable has needed this for a long time. Thank you so much!

@Gordon_Szulc It does; those records will count towards the original base totals, as well as the record totals for any base they’re synced to.

@Jonathan_Bradshaw Thanks for the kind words! I’ll be sure to share with our platform team who worked so hard on these releases.

@Jason any update on this? Kindly

I believe the conference organizer (Chris Dancy) has said that he’s hoping to record everything. Didn’t sound like a confident commitment to me but crossing fingers…

@Josiah_Richards At this time automation actions can only create records in the same base where the automation is located.

For the screenshot you shared, the workflow there would be:

  • Trigger the automation when a record matches a condition
  • Create a record in a ‘Tasks’ table in the same base
  • Sync that Tasks table to a separate base (if desired)
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Hi @Jason

Thank you so much for these great features!

I was so excited, I had to wait for things to cool down before responding.

Thank you to the platform team and all of Airtable, you all did a terrific job.

Well done!

Mary Kay


I like it. Now I think this better justifies a subscription. Never understood the concept of blocks. Blocks is too IT’ish lingo. Now please get your hands on the iOS app. It has basics covered but but interface needs work. For instance thumbnail size in grid view. Can’t see thumbs on iPad mini. Why not allowing set row high per view as I can do that on the web and desktop. There used to be a note on iOS saying “this feature is not available”, in the latest update you removed that text but still nothin changed.

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Thank you @M_k, I’ll be sure to share this with our team!

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Glad you like the new features @itoldusoandso!

We recently rolled out gallery view on iOS, so I’d recommend seeing if creating a gallery to view those thumbnails would be helpful.

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This is really cool and it’s been great to build on top of it.

I built a PTO system a few years ago with Azure’s low-code solutions. I couldn’t have done it without those tools (Azure Functions and Logic Apps) but it was fairly rushed and is a maintenance nightmare. It’s kind of a black box that only I know how to fix.

I started building a v2 using Airtable and Azure early last year, that would have brought some significant improvements, but it got shelved for a while. I’m picking it back up now and these new Automations with Scripts has completely changed what I’m doing. It’s now even easier than before.

I think the team did an excellent job in executing this. It’s quite polished already. Really exciting stuff here.