Airtable is now HIPAA compliant

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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

🩺📈 Exciting news for healthcare providers and organizations! Airtable is now HIPAA compliant and ready to support your critical work. 🎉

We understand the importance of protecting sensitive patient data and maintaining compliance with industry regulations while still making sure your company can function efficiently and effectively. That's why we've implemented the necessary safeguards and are proud to announce that Airtable is HIPAA compliant for our Enterprise Scale customers. 

With Airtable's powerful and flexible platform, you can streamline your workflows and collaborate with your team, all while managing your data securely. From patient records to clinical trials, Airtable provides a centralized solution that adapts to your company’s unique needs. 🔒👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

To learn more about enabling HIPAA compliance for your organization, please reach out to your account representative or contact our sales team to learn more

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