Announcing the Airtable Platform

@Chris_Parker This new scheduler app may help out in building your PTO system!

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Thanks for sharing. I’m wary of installing 3rd party Apps though. I haven’t done much research on them.

The PTO accrual happens on the 1st and 16th of every month. What I did was create a field that is 1 on those days (0 on others) and a view that includes records when that value is 1.

I setup a trigger for the Automation to be when a record enters that view. Working well so far during my development!


I just set up a sync between two airtable bases. I’m now adding data in one database and waiting for it to sync over to the other. Do you know how long it will take to sync? 10 minutes? 1 hour? 24 hours? I’d like it to be instantaneous ideally.

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It will sync every 5 minutes if you set it to automatically sync. You can also manually refresh it whenever you’d like.

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@Bill.French - Have you ever planned a conference? :slight_smile:

Having planned, programmed, presented, produced embedded events in MANY conferences (and markets: AFM, NATPE (<<<I wrote a book on these two), CES, NAB, APCA, NACA, MENSA, you name the acronym, etc.)… it’s a shitton of work to do an ANNUAL conference :wink: much less quarterly or monthly!

There is marketing, programming, promotion, communication - so much planning (less so, now, thanks to COVID, in terms of venues, food, parking, etc. - but also people are zoomed out in 2020!

Of course you both have the right/great ideas but don’t for a second think that the “communication” or producing of a conference is any easier or changes less often than software! LOL!

Look at the world today. Who knows WHAT will happen to live events?! :wink:

And even virtual - I produce a broadcast TV talk show - and all THAT has been revolutionized in the last few months, too.

Just sayin’… :wink:

No, I’ve spoken at 27 of them though and served on five content development committees. :wink: But I don’t think that matters per-se as I’m guessing your comments are in reference to this post.

No doubt; no debate. I’ve seen how the sausage has been made from the first dBASE conference in 1986 to the most recent NVIDIA GTC event last week where I presented. The people - like yourself - work tirelessly to put it together and I’m pretty sure my suggestion for higher velocity events did not minimize the effort in any way.

Indeed, people trying to do their best work in the shadow of C19 are struggling to learn in the the new normal. But you used a key term in your message - revolutionized. Allow me to put a finer point on tech-transfer and learning velocity in the context of events and conferences.

Despite the legacy of annual event effort and the massive coordination required; despite the serious investment in planning and venue selection; despite the intense effort to corral the experts and produce the content to make an event truly successful for attendees – there is one aspect of the no-code movement that you cannot control.

The pace of demand for innovation, learning, and knowledge transfer has vastly accelerated for soccer moms, domain experts, consultants, and big-data integrators alike. The pace for everything information-related has fundamentally changed.

I don’t know much about the world of event planning and hosting, but I do know that people - Airtable users, consultants, and enterprises - are faced with new realities concerning the ways that they work and the speed with which they are pressured to learn and show results.

Successful knowledge transfer in a post-Covid world is far different than anything we’ve experienced pre-Covid and there are a few reasons this is likely the case. I’m sure others here may be able to point out some things I’ve missed, but here are three reasons that come to mind.

  1. Workers at home - especially those involved in information sciences - are 20 to 50 per cent more productive depending on the studies you happen to believe. Higher productivity has been clocked by some organizations at almost 2x pre-Covide norms.

  2. No-code platforms emerged in a promising way in 2017 but pretty much hit their stride in late 2019 just before C19. Now they’re cooking with gas and this community demonstrates the knowledge-demand trajectory in stark activity analytics.

  3. On any given business morning, the experts of this forum wake up to an expanding array of questions that cannot possibly be addressed in a 24-hour period. Growth of the Airtable platform plays a part in this surge, but regardless - this suggests people are thirsty for knowledge to do their best work and that thirst is clearly time-centric.

My point is simple - I’m in agreement that the world has changed. The conference production world needs to change as well - perhaps significantly - to remain valuable to people who care only about the best way to learn and create solutions.

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Yeah @Bill.French - agreed on all points.

I have been an independent contractor / freelancer, working from home (and/or remotely “in the field" (on location, at studios, on sets, at events - wherever the work was) - for 20+ years and there is no debate from me re: the efficiencies (and life balance) of home-based work.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to live events and/or boots-on-the-ground production, it’s being transmuted everyday.

It’s an exciting - and overwhelming/head spinning time! Everything’s changing so fast! I can’t even remember all the new software I’ve had to get up and running on just since March! LOL!

So yeah, all your points are well-taken.

Thank you!


And thank you for inspiring me to clarify. It’s unfortunate I was censored for what appears to be a replication of your “sh*tTon” comment. There’s nothing there that I believe is censor material, yet they mandate some changes before it can be published.

Your post looks fine to me.
There’s a button you can click to view the temporary flag on - and it’s all there.
I’m sure they’ll release the hold. :wink:

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Thanks. # 1) This helps a bit but still would like see option to create 2x size thumbnail in the grid view. I like the grid view to go through my items quickly. I got 500 records so using Gallery view takes time unless I use search or filter (too many steps). Just option to have double size thumbnails would be enough (or double size rows). No need to have so many options for row height as in the full version. Just standard and double size would work fine. # 2) By the way - when are you going guys to fix the record editing view. I have 350 fields in my table and the majority (300-320 fields) stay most time hidden. The issue is the record editing view on iOS shows all those 350 fields, regardless whether I have them marked as hidden or not. It’s unusable right now.

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