App to present data like a csv

I have a database of incoming groups with all the pertinent data such as group name, arrival/departure date, #rooms held, # rooms picked up, room rate, # guests, contract attachment. I need to present to my hotel managers a summary of specific information including attachments every two weeks so that they are prepared for incoming groups. What is your suggestion of an app or the best way to do this? Thank you.

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You could create a filtered view of everything you need and export that view.

You could also create a layout in Page Designer.

If you need something more advanced, you could use On2Air Actions to generate a spreadsheet in Google Sheets or a document in Google Docs.

Thank you for your advice…I discovered that I can create the view that I want with what information they will need and share a link to it. They can filter and sort as they want and even download the contract or rooming list if they need it. Easy Peezy. I thought that they would have to have an account to access the data but apparently they do not. They can even go to that same link anytime that they want to see updates. No recurrent emails needed from me. Hands off rocks!

Awesome! Glad you have something that works for you!

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