Are user fees attached to number of users or individuals?

Hi. If i pay for two users can I at any stage change who one or both of the users are? As long as I only have two users, does it matter who they are - ie are the fees attached to the number of users, not the individuals?

Hi @Lynette_Huntley,

The fees are attached to the number of collaborators in a Workspace, not individuals not users. Meaning, if you have a Base in a Workspace on the Pro Plan and you have 3 collaborators (yourself and 2 others) you will pay for 3 users. On the other hand, if they dont have Workspaces on Plus or Pro Plans, they will not pay anything.

So, you as the creator of a Base in a Workspace, van change the billable users at any time.

If that doesnt answer your question, please see this [](http://Help Article) on Billable Users


Thanks so much Mo - so basically I can swap people in and out without extra change as long as I don’t increase the number of collaborators?

Welcome Lynette

Basically yes you can do that. But before adding a new collaborator remove the old one. You will be billed prorate for the duration of the collaborator.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help.
very best to you,

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