Assigning Values to attributes in a Multi Select Column


I have a database with a multi select column filled with attributes that contribute to a ranking. I would like to create a formula that finds and assigns a number value to the attributes in the multi select column. I have been able to accomplish this with one variable in a test scenario; however, the real data has up to 30 possible attributes per record that contribute to the ranking. Any recommendations on how to create a nested if find statement that looks at a multi select column and returns a custom assigned number value to the found attribute/s?


Have you thought of using a lookup table instead - you can simply change the multi select field into a Link field. Then add a numeric field to the lookup table and use a rollup field to total the values in your original table.


Interesting suggestion! As we have many attributes, would the look up table need to include every possible combination of attributes, or take each one separately if separated by a comma?


Here’s 2 tables:

This table had colors (multi select) converted to Linked to another table.
MultiSelect2Lookup - 1

This is the table where it’s linked to.
MultiSelect2Lookup - 2

So, the figures will be seperated by a comma.


@Andre_Zijlstra - that is largely what I was thinking but if you use a roll up field instead of a lookup then you can total the Values associated with each Category.


Good point!