Auto create new record from linked field


Really enjoying Airtable, I am creating an artist attribution database so I have an artist table and the fastest way to add an artwork and link it to the artist is to create an artist entry, then in the linked artwork field add a new record. I will always add a new record in this field, never link to an existing record. Is there a way I can speed up adding a new record by setting the link field to always add a new record, or is there some sort of keyboard shortcut so when I click the + icon or have the linked field selected that goes straight to a new record?


There is not a built-in way to have the + icon go straight to new record.

I use a similar workflow in several bases, and the way I handle it is that I have a keyword, “new”, that I make sure is never in the Primary field of any records. This way, I can always hit Enter in that linked record field (or click the +), type the word “new”, and hit enter - it will never find a result matching “new”, so it will automatically highlight the + Add New Record link at the bottom, and hitting Enter activates that link to create a new record.

It works well enough that I am satisfied to continue doing it this way. Hope that helps!

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