Automate Linking Records Based on Name/ID

Hi there!

So we have two different airtables, one for clients, and one for freelance workers.

  • The “client AT” is mostly transaction based, meaning per project they sign on its one record. Can be multiple separate records with only one client. There’s one column here where the freelancer’s names are also included as reference.

  • The “freelancers AT” is mostly profile based, from the recruitment department, so its one profile per record.

Is it possible to automate linking the client ID to the freelancer’s profile? Like creating a client history per profile.

Thanks so much!

Are the clients and freelancers in different tables/tabs in the same base?

It is possible to do automatic linking based on email addresses using Airtable automations. However, there are some details that would need to be worked out. For example, if the email address is not the primary field, you the automation would require a scripting action. If emails are typed manually, you will also need to have a trigger that ensures that the address is completely entered before the automation runs.

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