Automated Label


Currently, my company has a set up where entries from our website go directly to an Airtable database.

But we want to go a step further and add the auto-generation of postage labels to this process.

Can anyone help us?

Or is anyone able to provide insight so we can develop the code to make this happen?

Best Regards

Pierre Imarni

Are you looking for postage labels that simply have the name and address of the sender and receiver? Or are you looking for postage labels with actual postage attached?

If you simply want labels with names and addresses, you can generate them with a Block if you have a Pro account.

If you want more complex postage labels, you can see if Zapier can integrate Airtable with an online shipping service. For example, a quick search of the Zapier website shows that they can integrate Airtable with with Easyship. When you create a new record for a shipment in Airtable, Zapier would create a new shipment in Easyship with the details from Airtable, and then you could print your label from Easyship. (I have no actual experience with Easyship. I am simply repeating info from their website.)

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