Automatically calculate order of certain records

Hi there helpful community,

I am currently facing the following issue: I have a list of requests from customers that I map to retailers in their area. I successfully calculate the distance between each customer and each retailer using the Google Maps Distance API. Now, I would like to automatically calculate the order of those distances, e.g. 1 = closest; 2 = 2nd closest, etc.

I simulated this in the screenshot below. Instead of me assigning those numbers (1-3 in this example), I would like to calculate this automatically for all requests.

Do you have any solutions in mind? In Excel this could be achieved by the rank formula I believe…

Hey Christoph, I think you’ll only be able to accomplish this via a script. I’ll DM you

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Thanks @Adam_C!

I also found another solution that allows me to easily automate it via a script: Comparing records in different fields in the same table

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