Automatically link a record from one table to another table?


I have a table “Roster.” The records are people who’s status may be members of an organization or may be visitors. I have another table “visitor follow-up” where each record is a link from each person on “roster” with a “visitor” status and has fields about following up with visitors with calls, e-mails, etc. My question is whether the status of “visitor” can create an automatic link of that record to the “visitor follow-up” table, or must they be manually linked.


Wow, too funny. I was just about to ask this very question for a Roster that I keep. Can anyone help us out?


I’m unclear on your question. Do you have a screenshot perhaps, showing what you describe?

If you’re asking if the creation of a record in “Roster” can automatically create a record in “Visitor Follow-Up”, I believe the answer is no.

However, if the tables are linked by a related field you can add a new record in the related table WHILE creating the record in the first table by clicking the plus sign, then clicking “+ Add New Record”. You don’t have to enter anything into that record, however it will create a new empty record that is linked—waiting to be populated with information.