Automatically logging mulitple event attendances into a single attendee's record

Hi folks, I am attempting to do what the title says. I made an example that demonstrates the type of setup I’d like have, viewable here: My First Workspace

I made separate bases for attendees (names) and events (date+location), and synced the sole “Attendees” table (the list of names) as a new table in the “Event Attendance” base so that I can manually add each person to an event as an attendee.

However, what I cannot figure out how to do is to have those date+location attendance instances transfer over to each attendee’s record in my list of attendees (the “Attendees” base).

I tried typing out everything I did but it sounded way too confusing, so if you have a second please just check out my example (it’s super simple, only two bases with a few fields each) and let me know if you have questions about how I set it up, or if what I’m asking is unclear.

Thank you so much everyone!

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