Button Field Support for Multiple Links

Links are messy so the ‘Open URL’ function for the new Button Field is great. Unfortunately it only supports one link at a time. So when I have a lookup or rollup pulling links from another table, we’re back to fishing through messy links instead of getting to use a button.

Ideally multiple buttons would appear - in the same way that multiple linked records can existing within one field.

Note the top ‘Open URL’ button is disabled:

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Super cool idea! How do you expect to title the individual buttons? Currently, they have to be titled manually. Are you expecting the multi-button field to auto label them some how?

Good question. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 … would be fine for a minimum viable product. Maybe hover to reveal the full URL (not sure what the mobile equivalent to that would be).

If more specific labeling is preferred, stretch goals might be:

  • one ‘Open URLs’ button, but on click, display a modal featuring the links. So it’s kind of like you’re inviting the messy links by clicking, and it’s easier to read them since it’s a larger window than some cells.
  • formula property in the button field where user string interpolation can be defined
  • extract the domain, then fallback to numbering when repeated domains are encountered
  • forget this button business and add an editable property to the link field so that users can specify a hyperlink