Calculate deadlines on a task list template


Hi all -

I want to create an event task template that has milestones that fall out of an event date (one task is 90 days before, one task 60, one task 45, etc.) and use this one event to duplicate and create other events, so that when I want to make a new event, I just copy the template event, change the event name on the copy and put in a new event date.

How do I set up a deadline column in this template event task list so that the individual tasks with different deadlines are all calculated off the event date?


Hi @Kerri_Sheehan - how about this:

Create two tables - one of the events and one for the tasks:

The event is linked to the task and the event date is pulled through as a lookup. Each task has a “number of days before event” field and then the due date for this task is a formula using the {Days Before} and {Event Date} fields:

DATEADD({Event Date}, ({Days Before} * -1), 'days')

Then, when you have a new event, create this in the events table. In the tasks table select and copy the set of tasks from the previous event, then paste this back into the tasks table. Finally, change the linked event for the newly copied tasks to the new event: