Calculated Last, First name selection in form

I would like users to be able to select an individual name when filling a form.
I created a calculated field with the Last and First Names.
But it seems I cannot add a calculated field to a form.

How else can I do this?

Just to clarify. If I have calculated two entries “Smith, John” and “Smith, Peter” how can I list them in the form?

Hi @Rafael_Calvo - not sure what your base setup is, but from the description, I’m guessing the user will choose a person and add some additional information about this person - is that right? From what you say, the people are pre-defined and come from first and last name fields. To achieve this I would have two tables - one for the people:

Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 21.51.28

and one for the form data:

Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 21.52.00

In the form table “person” is a linked field.

Then in your form you can do exactly as you describe:

Thanks Jonathan. Yes, I solved it in a similar way but using 1 Table

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