Calculating percentage complete from checkmarks in another table


Our company assigns each department a goal to achieve each quarter. Each goal includes specific actions they need to take to achieve that goal. My base has a table that provides an overview of each departments goal and then each department has it’s own “goal table” that breaks down the actions, their due dates, who is tasked with each step etc. The goal table’s final column is named “Done?” and is formatted as a checkbox. What I want to have is a column in the overview table, formatted as percentage, to express how many of the actions have been completed in the goal table. I just am not sure how I create a formula that references the checkboxes and totals them as a percentage? Also, is it going to be possible to have each row create it’s total from a different table?


As long as you have a link from the overview to the departments (e.g. Department Name) in the goals, you can do a rollup to count non-empty values and a count of the total goal records in the overview for example. Then use a formula to display the completed percentage.

Something like that should work. :slight_smile: