Can a rollup field or function field link to a record?

Hi all

I have a rollup field that shows the last order for a particular sku. I’d like to link to this record.

I can link to all orders for this SKU as you can see with the linked Daily Orders field and this would be fine if it showed the latest order first but it doesn’t.

Anyhow, because the order number is a text value, I first convert it to a number so that I can use max(value) in the rollup field and then I convert it back to it’s text form:-

I’d like to link to this record but I can’t find an automated way to do this.

Once my Latest OrdNum formula field is populated I know I can change the field type to lookup and it will work, but only for the records that there at the moment.

Any ideas on how this could be solved please.



If you double-click on your {Daily Orders} field header to open the configuration menu, can you reverse the order your Daily Orders appear in?
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Hi Jeremy

I don’t seem to have that option :frowning:

It seems it was a legacy option for bases created before April 2020

I’m wondering if I can run a script from a formula field and update the a linked order number field?

I think I saw @Bill.French doing something where he ran scripts from formulas?



Since the record is already linked in the {Daily Orders} field, why do you want to create a new link to the same record in another field?

If you want to sort the linked records, you can use the Batch Update block. However, you would need to continuously run the block to keep things sorted.

A script could sort the linked records for you, or it could pick out the latest linked record and put it in another field. However, the script cannot be run from a formula field. It would need to be run from a button field, from the scripting block itself, or from an automation. (If you’re interested in hiring someone to write such a script, feel free to contact me :wink: )

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