Can Attachments be added via Third-Party Form?



Both Formstack and Typeform allow users the ability to add attachments. However, the attachments are stored on each respective form-builder’s server in a temporary/limited manner.

Initially, I’m wanting an applicant to add a photo to the form, and have the image stored on Airtable, via a URL link.

But I’m seeing the “Attachment” field is built-into the Airtable core.

Do you know if it’s possible to:

  1. Receive an attachment from a form-builder app directly into a field on Airtable? (is this what the “Attachment” field is for?)

  2. If such an attachment is added to the table, is it hosted externally to allow hotlinking to an image?

(quick case study: a student applicant fills out a form on a website, and includes a photo. All data, including the photo is sent to table. An email is sent using the table’s data; the email contains the image sourced from the table’s attachment field.)