Can I remove myself from a shared base?


Is there a way for me to remove myself from a base which someone has shared with me? I no longer want it to appear in my “bases shared with me” section


Yes, though I’ve only removed myself once, so I don’t recall the specific name of what to click. In your workspace view, you need to edit the sharing options for that shared base. It might be in the popup menu you get when clicking on the arrow in the corner of the base icon. You’ll know it when you see it, as it will list you and others with whom the base is shared. I believe there’s an X that you click on to remove yourself from the share list.


I know this is old, but this was the first thing I saw when Googling this very question. Here’s how you do it:

Click the down arrow on the Base from the home screen
Click Share
Click the x next to your name

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