Can you use colors on single select options on the free plan? If so Which ones?

Hey There, so as you may know when you sign up you get a 14 day trial period in which you get all the feautures.

I have set up a table based on a form with a few options in a Single Select format, I’d like to have them colored for easy distinction. However I know I’m staying on the free plan, and I woulndt like to lose my time changing the colors in every column if im loosing them anyway.

So my questions are:
-Are colors for Single Select still available in the free plan?
-If so, Which of these colors are the ones available?


Thanks in advance.!

Hi @Sergio_Daniel_Hernan

Yes you can.

You can either choose colours (you have a choice) or no colours. It’s up to you.

Here are screenshots of the field options:

Select colours or no colours, by sliding left or right.

Select the small down arrow, on right side, to choose a colour. That’s going to be the colour choice for all the same choice select items. You have a choice of 7 colours.

Hope it helps.

Mary Kay

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Thank you @M_k!

One more question, are the colors shown the only ones available on the free version?

Hi @Sergio_Daniel_Hernan

Yes. These are the only colours available on the free plan.

For a bit more information, as you know, Single select option is for choosing one item, per record, but there is Multiple select option, where you can choose more them one item, per record. The colours are the same for both field options.