Chart block bars not evenly spaced/grouping together?

Hi all,

I have a block with the following setup.

For week 2 and 3 on the graph, the bars are clearly not grouping together, and even still, the group of bars in week 1 is very much left aligned.

Not sure if this is relevant, but this block references a view of 9 records (filtered by if record is checkboxed) 3 of which are labelled with the same name (yellow bar), the other 6 are unique names (hence the different colours). The three types are:

  1. Single Select (Week in session)
  2. Number (Number of Rego’s)
  3. Single line text (Event name for block)

Any ideas on why this the spacing on the bars is messing up?


I think it has to do with your “Group by…” settings. Presumably you have 7 options in the {Event name for block} field, so for each record on the X-axis it is making room for all 7 grouping options – it doesn’t auto-collapse grouping options that have no records in them.

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