Chart Blocks - how to get lines together


Chart Blocks somehow baffle me. I have a table with a month per year (so 2018 - 04 april) for instance as records and per record I have stuff like FB total likes, newsletter total size, IG total size. I would like to have 1 block that has all 3 together as lines, but I can’t seem to figure out how.
Am I doing it wrong or is it not possible with the table I made?


One way to do what I think you need: with a record structure like this and then group by app in the y-axis field. Hope this helps.

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Ohhhh so I nicely put everything in 1 record, in different columns but that is actually keeping me from getting them all in 1 chart. Darn it!

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I sympathize. It must be a left brain/right brain thing, but I’ve finally accepted I will never intuitively understand the Chart Block…

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Airtable really needs a better graphs generator. It’s totally counter intuitive.

I have a table that lists different projects as records, and then time used on particular tasks (a different task per column) to complete said project. It would be completely counter intuitive to put each task as a record and different projects in the the columns, particularly since i like to see total time used by grouping projects by the same client.