Color by field using conditional with a long list

I have four fields: FirstName, LastName, Email, and Zip.

I’m trying to set up a conditional where if the Zip is any of ~75 options from a given geographic region it will color all of them one color for quick identification.

The base is connected to webforms through Zapier with several dozen new records added every day, so just need an automated way for team members to identify which new records are in their region without having to compare every entry to the list of zip codes in their region.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

One way or another, you’re probably going to need to list all of the 75 options somewhere, then do stuff based on that data.

Coloring Rows
The only color controls I’m aware are those in the “Color” tool found next to “Sort.” It allows you to input conditional rules like you’re describing.

Without Formulas
Create a ‘Zip Code’ column which is a single select. Select that column with the Color tool, set it to “any of” and select all the zip code values for that region.

With Formulas
You could also add an additional field (maybe called Regions), which analyzes ‘Zip Code’ and spits out a region value. Then you could use the color tool to just look at this new ‘Regions’ field. The benefit of this route is that you’ll just copy paste the zip code values instead of clicking a million options in the color tool. The formula function that I think would help most is the “SWITCH” statement, which you can find documented in the field reference.

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