Column data in rows


I have an email that has “data info” and it goes through MailParser to Airtable through Zapier. All works great but, Now the data of this email is all in 1 row (multiple columns) I was wondering if there is a formula that can take “some of the columns i identify” and create a new row.

If you take a look above, sample.

I want to be able to create a new row of from current row 370.
TRANSFER TEST 2 with the Audition Date 1 into a new row
TRANSFER TEST 2 with the Audition Date 2 into a new row

I hope this makes sense.


Airtable doesn’t provide any convenient automation for “splitting a row”. I’d recommend either (a) manual fix-up with copy-paste, or (b) managing to patch your import workflow to correctly create multiple Airtable records.


Thanks Emmett. I spoke to an a support member and we spent an hour looking at the workflow and agreed it should be reworked through the Zapier workflow versus from Airtable.