Column for Date Closed


I’m sure this must be easy enough to do. Is there a way for me to create a new column that pulls the date I change the status of a task to closed?



Hi @Jess_Weiss - not directly as far as I know because the only “record” fields available are the RECORD_ID (no use in this case) and the CREATED_TIME, but the “updated time” isn’t available.

However, this might work for you as a workaround, using the created time. Instead of a checkbox, you can create a record in another table and the use the created time of the record in this second table as the closed time in the first.

Let’s say my main table is this:

When I want to close, say, record “Five”, instead of checking a checkbox as you describe I create a record in my linked second table via the link modal window in the first table. This is my second table:

The “closed” field in my first table is linked to the second table and the “closed time” in the first table is a lookup to the “created at” field in the second table.

So, to close record “Five” I click on the linked record as shown:

When the modal pops up I don’t select one of the existing records, but always create a new record:

This new record will be created with its created time and the created time is pulled through to my first table where I name it the closed time.

Hope this works for you!


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Thanks so much for sending this along! I wish it was easier, but I’ll play with it and see how it goes. Happy Thursday!