Conditional display of Linked records


Here is part of my Base, where I define a simple Link to another Table.

However, I would also like to display only those linked names where a Checkbox has been set on the linked record.

How would I do that?



While viewing Table A (below) I can produce an array of record names (from Table B) and a matching array of Checkbox values

Again, while viewing Table A, can I manipulate these arrays (using a formula) to produce a new, filtered array containing only those Table B record names where the Checkbox field is True?.


Try it like this.

Table with names:

Where NameifChek field is calculated like this:

Here is a table associated with the names of:

Where the field NameifCheckSum is calculated:


Thanks @Kira_Lapin for that very clear explanation.

This is very neat.

It took me a while to get everything in the right place, but now it works perfectly.


What is the checkbox for? I think you need and auxiliary Table.


The database is about the activity of change ringing. It helps me to run a complex practice session for an ever-changing team of ringers, of mixed ability.

There are many interdependent activities we might attempt at a practice, each requiring a particular mix of (performance and/or support) skills. The final choice of activities for that practice session depends on which ringers have attended the practice, what individual skills they have (at what level) and what their individual learning and development priorities are.

@Elias_Gomez_Sainz: You asked about the checkbox - it simply signifies which ringers have attended the practice. How would you use an auxilliary table in this context?


I think you can add the type of event. To automatically putting flags.


Why do you does not have a Sessions table? In every Session you could add the Ringers that have attended and with Lookup fields you can retrieve the Skills or the Methods to practice.

If I understand well, now, in every Session you change the checkbox for the attendance on the Ringers table? Or where do you mark that? I’m a little lost :thinking:


I don’t need a separate table for each session, as I currently don’t take a historical (or future-planning) view - I just run the database at each session, marking the Checkbox accordingly. However, I might use a separate table in the future, so thanks for the suggestion.

I distinguish between Capabilites (a simple link between Methods and Ringers) and Learning Priorities (a link between the same tables, but via a Junction (‘relator’) table). The latter has data about what stage each ringer has reached in their learning. I could do the whole job using the Junction table, but this is my first attempt with Airtable, and I think there are many opportunities for redesign (like your suggestion above) as the database becomes more ambitious in its scope!

I appreciate your ideas, as I’m new to this product. Thanks.


I think you can get rid of the empty values by using ARRAYCOMPACT(values)


I think I’m trying to do a similar thing!

I have a table of projects, and then a table of working times.

I’d like to show the earliest linked record IF it has a certain value (from the work times table) and I’d like to show the value from the lastest linked record.

EG: on a certrain project, what date was the first time i did the task of “photography” and what was the latest task I did.

I hope this makes sense! :confused:


Take a look at this reply and the linked base it references; this post and this other post also might be helpful.