Confirm Date Field is Populated


I’m sure this is easy, but I’m stumped for the moment…

I need a formula that can confirm that an adjacent date field has been populated and is not empty.

IF({Timestamp}>0,“:white_check_mark:”,"") isn’t working…

I’d just like a check if when we enter a date. I’m sure I’m missing something. Thanks!


P.S. This is the inverse of our need here… Timestamp for when checkbox has been checked


The absence of a value in a field is a “falsey” attribute, meaning it will evaluate as false in a conditional statement.

The presence of a value (any value) is a “truthy” value, meaning it will evaluate as true in a conditional statement.

The implication of that is that you can just drop the > 0 From your formula if all you need to check for is the presence of a value.


Sorry, IF({Timestamp},":white_check_mark:","") doesnt work… I dropped the >0, but no dice. What am I missing?





Got it! Thank you!

Sometimes the simplest things elude you.