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How do I convert the web link below to jpeg on an iPad or do I need to use my MacBook or is there a scenario/module that will convert the web address to jpeg. I have about 300 images that I will need to convert. When I selected the image, it opened up to a larger image, then I copied the link, so I don’t know why the link goes to the smaller one:

Ultimately, I need the web link conversion to jpeg for an Integromat scenario, so that I can add images to my Airtable records.

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Mary Kay

Do you mean the picture of the stamp? Or a jpg of the whole webpage?

If you want just the url to the image, on the iPad I think you should just be able to long press to get the image’s url. (which in your case would be this:

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I think you can get what you want by combining the Integromat HTTP module and text parser module — at least, when I slap those two together and run them, the text parser output includes a bundle that includes the URL of the large image. ( tags large stamp images with the class ‘stamp-image’, so it should be relatively easy to extract the image URL, given the stamp page URL.)

Frankly, I’m not sure what you need to do from that point: Presumably, you can configure the text parser module to assign the extracted value to a variable and then use Integromat’s Airtable module to store the URL or use the HTTP module to retrieve the image file and then store that as an Airtable attachment…

Hi @Kamille_Parks and @W_Vann_Hall

Thank you very much for your replies.

I really appreciate your help.


Hi @W_Vann_Hall

As it turns out I need an API key to create a scenario in Integromat.

Although, I managed to find another way to convert HTTP to JPEG.

Thank you for your help.