Copy & Paste Between Tables


When copying tables between bases, the first 3 columns auto populate the wrong field type and column name. Notice below picture of left base where first three columns are field type [ formula, reference, checkbox].

Once copied to right base, field types reassign to [ single line text, single line text, text box]. Both column names and field types did not transition properly.

All other columns retain name and field type properly


A few points here:

  • By default, when you open up a new table, it has two non-primary fields: Notes (multiline text) and Attachments (attachment). When copying and pasting from one table to another, if a field does exist, the pasted information won’t overwrite the types or names of any existing fields. Therefore, if you copy and paste a full table of information into a default new table, the second and third fields will still be called “Notes” and “Attachments,” and still be multiline and attachment-type fields, respectively. Therefore, if you’re copying and pasting to create a new table and you don’t want the second and third fields to be “Notes”/multiline and “Attachments”/attachment, you should delete the Notes and Attachments fields before pasting in the data.
  • When copying and pasting from one table into a new/empty table, it is expected that the values that used to be part of a linked record field will be pasted into a new single line text field, and won’t create a new linked record field. This is because of the complexities of creating and setting up a new linked record field . Note that you can easily turn a single line text field into a linked record field (either linking to an existing table, or creating a new table) after pasting.
  • You cannot paste values into a formula field, since it’s a computed field type and any values therein are defined in the field customization settings. If you would like to recreate a formula field from an old table in a new table, you’ll need to make sure that you have all the same fields with the same names and types, and then you can copy and paste the formula from the original formula field into the new formula field customization menu.